Pet Ashes Necklaces


Custom paw print dog necklace pendant with cremains allows you to wear your loved pet's ashes close to your heart. Two different cabochon necklace designs to choose from.


A) Rainbow Paw Print Necklace. Features my original design with a black paw print and rainbow background.


B) Mexican Folk Art Paw Print Necklace.  Features my original Mexican folk art paw print artwork.


Designs are resized from the original drawings and  printed on inkjet photo paper. 

Each printed design is hand cut.  Clear cabochon is glued on top of the dog paw image.

In the next step, black glass is hand cut, pet ashes are sprinkled on the black glass and a clear layer of hand- cut glass is fused on top of the ashes layer.


After this firing, the glass with ashes is shaped on a grinder, then placed back in the kiln for a second firing for polishing.


The last step involves gluing the fused layer with the ashes to the back of the cabochon. The back side of the pendant shows the ashes as shown in the photo above.

A metal bail is glued on. Finished pendant size is approximately 25 x 25 mm square (1 1/8" square x 1 1/8" square). 



Adjustable black leather cord extends from 18" - 20" and features a lobster claw clasp.

NOTE:  After you place your order I will send you an address to send cremains to.


Once the necklace is completed I will ship back the finished piece with the remaining cremains.  Only a small amount of cremains goes into making these necklaces.

Length of time to complete necklace varies based on my workload.

A) Rainbow Paw Print Neck w/ Cremains





B) Mexican Folk Art Paw Print Neck w/ Cremains 




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