"It was the love I saw people had for their pets which started me on this journey to provide memorial keepsakes so they could remember a loved one, whether people or pets."
                    Teena Stewart

Teena Stewart is a fine artist whose work focuses primarily on nature and animals. Her regular fine art and art glass gifts can be found at Serendipity-Studio.org. 


Over time, Teena began  noticing how much people cherished their pets and she started creating custom pet products in addition to paintings. Pets are family and their loved ones need something to remember them by. 


She branched into personalized glass gifts which includes pet memorials. She's broadened her work to memorials for people, as well as custom etched gifts to commemorate special occasions.


The handmade items she now offers through this website include cremains in glass, glass jewelry, and custom etched gifts.  

All items ship from Hickory, NC. Gifts which incorporate cremains take longer than most work since cremains must be shipped to Hickory, supplies ordered (in some cases) and several kiln firings may be involved.


Once cremains are received, depending on workload, it may take anywhere from three weeks to a month or more to receive your finished memorial. Any unused cremains will be shipped back with your order.

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